Victoria West Lawn Bowling Club


Victoria West Lawn Bowling Club Tournament History

Johnny Wright Tournament

(Mixed Triples Tournament - Teams to be drawn)

Vilsie Wright presented the Trophy that goes to the winner of this Triples Tournament to the Club in 1985 to honour her husband’s memory. Both Johnny and Vilsie were active members of the Club for almost 30 years, having joined in 1956. Johnny was part of the reason we have such great greens as he acted as Greens- Chair for a number of years. Vilsie continued to bowl well into her 80’s and died in 1995.

Dolstra Cup

(Mixed Triples Tournament - Teams to be drawn)

Helen Dolstra presented this trophy to the club in 1976 to honour her husband Claude. Claude is remembered as one who worked very hard to replace the old clubhouse with our present building, He was also President of the club in 1967 and again in1970.

Kathy Lowdon Charity Cup

(Mixed Triples Tournament - Teams to be drawn)

This event originated in the early 80’s as a citywide fund raising event hosted by the Oak Bay LBC. Later, the interest in the tournament waned. In 1991, Kathy and Jack Lowdon took up the challenge to run a “Charity Cup” event at Victoria West. As before, the event raises money for the WAR AMPS CHILD AMPUTEE PROGRAM or CHAMPS. The entry fees (any amount you wish from a bit to a lot) are sent to CHAMPS. The winners receive a tax-receipt for our contribution, so every one wins. Kathy Lowdon, a wonderful bowler and an even more wonderful person, has since passed away. The club has renamed the Cup as the Kathy Lowdon Charity Cup in her memory.

Lynn McElroy Memorial Cup

(Women's Pairs Interclub Tournament - Teams Entered)

In 1964 the Stanley Cup (that's right!) was re-named the Baker Cup to honor charter member Glady's Baker. Mr. Stanley was a member of the Brotherhood responsible for the community acquiring our green. He present the trophy in 1933 to the winner of the women's pairs tournament which has been played ever since and has been renamed again in 2012 to honor Lynn McElroy.

Lynn McElroy

1943 - 2008

Lynn, following her parents example, began Lawn Bowling in Victoria, British Columbia, during the winter of 1992. 

Some of her important sporting achievements included reaching the quarter finals in the singles of the World Indoor Bowls Council, the quarter finals in her first Asia Pacific Games, and participating, as a member of the Canadian National Team, in the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne Australia.

She was an active and valuable club member. She coached, as well as played and helped organize many lawn bowling events.

Howard and Mary Curling Trophy

(Mixed Triples Tournament - Teams to be drawn)

This Trophy was originally the Howard Curling Trophy, remembering the contribution of Howard Curling, who was active in the club for many years. He championed the average daytime bowler and was an amateur magician of note. Howard died in1998. Mary Curling, described as a friend to everyone, presented the trophy, honouring her husband until 1998. Following her death the club decided to replace the Howard Curling trophy with the Curling Trophy to honour both Howard and Mary.

Doris Perrin Trophy

(Mixed Triples Tournament - Teams to be drawn)

Doris Perrin joined our club with her husband Paddy in 1957. Doris continued bowling up to her 90th birthday. However, the Doris Perrin Trophy was presented to the Club on Doris’s 90th birthday as a tribute to the good bowling and fine sportsmanship Doris displayed over the years.

Bert Nelson Bowlspiel

In 1985, Bert Nelson organized and ran one of the most popular interclub tournaments. It was modeled on a curling bonspiel and was first known as the Vic West Bowlspiel. The tournament is still so popular that there are long waiting lists for entries. Bert and his wife Linda moved to the sunshine coast in 1997 and the club renamed the tournament the Bert Nelson Bowlspiel. Bert passed way in 2002.

Findley Memorial Trophy

(Open Mixed Triples Interclub Tournament - Teams Entered)

The Findley Trophy was presented in 1965 in Memory of Archie Findley, by his sister and brother-in-law from Renton, Washington. Archie Findley helped build the first clubhouse and he and his wife Nellie were active members. Nellie remained active long after Archie's death. This trophy honors them both.