Victoria West Lawn Bowling Club


2017 Vicwest Club Tournaments

Tournament                                  Dates                           Responsibility

Lynn McElroy Memorial                                May 23 & 24                  Geri & Company                 

                                 Kathy Lowden Charity Cup & Fun Day          June 11                           Harvey, Flo and Bob

Findlay Memorial Cup(BSI)                            July 4-6 eve                    Harvey, Nick and Frank       

                                 Howard & Mary Curling Pairs                         July                                Geri, Bob and Nancy

Johnny Wright 2 Bowl Triples                         July 23                            Nick, Bob and Frank            

                                 Club Novice & Club Champ (men)                 July - August                  Bakh, Frank and Nick

Club Novice & Club Champ (women)            July - August                  Geri, Flo & Mary                 

                                 Club Pairs (Women & Men)                           Aug. 22-24 eve                Flo, Harvey, Bob and Geri

Bert Nelson Bowlspiel (BSI)                          Aug 26 - 27                     Robin, Jill, Nick and Bob     

                                 Club Triples (Women & Men)                        Sept. 12 - 14                   Bev, Don and Frank

Central Saanich Invitational                            Sept ?                              Flo B.                                   

                                 Dolstra Quaddie                                              Oct. 1                              Bev, Flo & Harvey