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More Photos

Findlay Tournament

A Winners: Mary Ann Little

Trevor Birrell, Jeff Birrell

A 2nd Place: Mary Forster

Mel Forster, Dorothy Verge

A 4th Place: Donna Blackstock

John Cossum, Bobbi Charlton

B Winners: Frank Russell

Nancy & Bob Oberholtzer

B 2nd Place: Mike Johnson

& Team

C Winners: Tanis, Eric & Henriette

Kathy Lowdon Charity Cup

1st - Harvey Rogalsky

2nd - Bob Oberholtzer

Top Novice - Bob Calverlay

“ The Lowdon Group “

Lynn McElroy Champs

Winners: Ann Van Baslelaere &Maryann Little

A - 2nd Place: Karen Evans & Donna Blackstock

B - 1st Place: Kathy Collister

& Lee Miller

B - 2nd Place: Pat Thomas

& Linda Carswell-Bland

C - 1st Place:

Tanis & Louise

C - 2nd Place: Merle Edmonds & Mary Forster

Howard & Mary Pairs

Winners: Ken and Geri

2nd Place: Mary & Bakh

3rd Place: Don & Merle

Johnny Wright 2 Bowl Triples

Winners: Frank, Merle and Joe

2nd Place: Brent, Harvey and Robin

3rd Place: Mike, Geri and Brian

Club Novice & Seniors Champs

Club Mens Champ

Bakh Dhillon

Club Novice Mens Champ

Bob Calverley

Club Womens Champ

Nancy Oberholtzer

BSI Andy Stewart Winners

1st Place 3 Game Winners

Harvey & Flo

2nd Place 3 Game Winners

Nancy & Bob

1st Place 1 Game Winners

Nick & Bakh